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#clarkkentstatus by AceOfPeaceAndLove #clarkkentstatus :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 1 0 love and peace! by AceOfPeaceAndLove love and peace! :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 1 0 Sun Child :3 by AceOfPeaceAndLove Sun Child :3 :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 1 0
Lions Lambs and Amour
I never imagined
A creature as powerful as a Lion
Would ever be snared, even by zeir equal on the hunting grounds
A Lion is indeed a formidable foe to encounter
Though none can stand up to a Lion's roar, fewer can even bring themselves to face the feminine charms and wiles of a purring Tigress
Her coat of reds, black and orange captivates the mind while her sweetened tongue of kitten-esque mewling acts as cosmic catnip and sedates the party in question
Her domain is eternal and everlasting, her hunting style is easily enough matched and understood; praise, pets on the head and eventually collaring the opposition into becoming her one true charmer of a housecat
The overtly macho Cheetah and the proud Panther alike turn up their muzzles at the idea of being taken under another's embrace in the name of sweetest passion
The clawing Manx spits and hisses when sweetest amour is referenced
Every other form of beast -save for the Lion- languishes under the idea that passion isn't suited for th
:iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 1 0
Achievement Unlocked: #modernNarcissus by AceOfPeaceAndLove Achievement Unlocked: #modernNarcissus :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 7 #beautiful by AceOfPeaceAndLove #beautiful :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 0 bun style X3 by AceOfPeaceAndLove bun style X3 :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 0 A Dapper Demon by AceOfPeaceAndLove A Dapper Demon :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 1 0
An Afternoon in The Shadow of Heroes
Gotham City.
Known as the 'flipside to Metropolis', a collection of Titanic towers and monolithic manors compromise the vast majority of what one is to expect as they close in on the desolate stretch of highway passing just beyond The Narrows.
With the turnoff from Highway 46 leading to the schism of the Bludhaven-Gotham switcharound, a consistent thirty minute interval puts you on the main drag in no time.
In this granite, sandstone and marble-fashioned utopia for the One Percent, every luxury fathomable is at your disposal; excellent school systems, galleries for the cultured spirit and major-league sports teams to astound the most overblown megafan.
Though, as you've no doubt heard by now, thanks for the poor upkeep of places such as Arkham Asylum... the streets are often declared a battle-zone for power crazed lunatics with delusions of grandeur.
We've seen just about everything; evil clowns, mutated plant life, rabid hyenas being kept as domestic housepets, I could go on.
:iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 3
'Scuttling Scavengers' crew roster
Sixteen Summers oldWears a fox's tail secured to his beltPickpocket kleptomaniac with low impulse control
Bold, young and full of mischief: akin to every other child his age, the young master sees the world as an adventurous place and one without limitations for he or his friends.
When the opportunity presented itself for his captor's prison of St. Joseph's to be obliterated, it was Jacques who organized the strategy to rile the children and turn them loose with the intent of preparing the run-down orphan asylum for a good torching.
His wit and mental clarity see the unlikely gaggle of miscreants aboard the 'Captain's Daughter' through many a hairy ordeal as well.
Aside from being a heroic swashbuckler who favors the dagger to democracy? Our amber-eyed charmer can often be found lurking in the red lantern district of whatever rundown wharf or shantytown the vessel makes berth in.
Countless evenings have been lost with this red-faced lush whis
:iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 0
Caliban Zenith Xerxes Zoroaster by AceOfPeaceAndLove Caliban Zenith Xerxes Zoroaster :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 0 gearhead status: unlocked by AceOfPeaceAndLove gearhead status: unlocked :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 1 0 #chaoticneutral4life by AceOfPeaceAndLove #chaoticneutral4life :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 0 #muah #love by AceOfPeaceAndLove #muah #love :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 0 Maddog by AceOfPeaceAndLove Maddog :iconaceofpeaceandlove:AceOfPeaceAndLove 0 0


I'm selfish and greedy,
when it comes to you.
I want you all for myself,
to touch and kiss you as I please.
I promise you'll get your turn too.
It'll take a while,
before I'm done with this.
I'll ravage every part of you,
Bite, lick & scratch, I'll go savage.
I promise I'll end it with the sweetest kiss.
:iconirridescentt:Irridescentt 8 2
A Nonchalant Contempt
How straight your smile is today.
And that glare from under your eyes;
How delightfully scornful.
I just love the way you hate me!
:iconslim-beatnik:Slim-Beatnik 5 19
Mature content
A Beatnik Summer :iconhey-ocean:Hey-Ocean 3 3
Beatnik Dream
I sit in a room, surrounded by darkness,
Engulfed by silence, lost in nothingness.
Broken by a sound -
The film crackles, the reels click as they turn
And Greenwich Village appears before my eyes;
The pulsating heart of the Beat generation.
I smell the cigarettes and the cannabis,
I feel the jazz vibrations filling my soul,
I hear voices of genius, horns and shouting,
I taste the air polluted with creativity, revolution.
I see the stuff of legends.
Kerouac's face before me, cigarette hanging from his lips,
Kerouac's hands, fingers that carressed thousands with the words they wrote,
Kerouac, eternal genius, soul-mate, idol,
     before he drowned in a bottle of whiskey.
I see flashes of the Gaslight;
Sax; trumpet; sweat; piano; love; pain; life.
The duotone glory of the Beats,
The dynamic lives of the poets;
Meaningfully dirty, sinfully profound - liberators of literature,
Looking up at the world from the gutters of the Village,
Peering down at society from thei
:icontheshoemonster:TheShoeMonster 13 49
I tiptoe on broken glass,
Just to stay near you.
:iconirridescentt:Irridescentt 7 4
Witch Way by Stonecold413 Witch Way :iconstonecold413:Stonecold413 4 0

Yes the pain is bad

But bad can always be worse
I find it hard to explain
Some people think the smallest
Things are true pain
They have never suffered like
Some people do
Sometimes the suffering is
All encompassing
Wrapping around like a tight
Net of fiery agony
Sometimes duller and easier
To find comfort for
All can be endured- even with
Tears falling down
But wait- I have forgotten how to
Cry now, as the
Pain wears on an on
:iconevilscarrlett:EvilScarrlett 5 7
Mature content
Tango With the Devil :icontashatyrant:TashaTyrant 1 3
The Book Of Lost Souls by demonrobber The Book Of Lost Souls :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 62 11 Queen Of The Graveyard by demonrobber Queen Of The Graveyard :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 137 10 The Witches Halloween Brew by demonrobber The Witches Halloween Brew :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 103 10
The Piper Comes Free of Charge
Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one! Come all!
All ye of adventurous affinity!
The festival of dark delights
Now approaches your vicinity.
The carnival of malevolence
Is no place for the faint of heart.
But once your ticket’s printed
You're compelled to play your part.
The circus of iniquity
Is where your bones are made;
Where credit has no limit,
And debts are never paid.
All proceeds, with or without you,
Undeterred by interruption.
Are you bold enough to negotiate
The corridors of corruption?
We’re selective of our applicants,
And employ a rigid code—
If you’ve read this far, why not come clean?
You’re already on the road.
:iconneo128:Neo128 4 9
Disney meets Warcraft - Gaston by LiberLibelula Disney meets Warcraft - Gaston :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 363 68 Drowning by LadyxBoleyn Drowning :iconladyxboleyn:LadyxBoleyn 64 6 Death and the Maiden by LadyxBoleyn Death and the Maiden :iconladyxboleyn:LadyxBoleyn 74 5 Why Have You Forsaken Me? by LadyxBoleyn Why Have You Forsaken Me? :iconladyxboleyn:LadyxBoleyn 148 44




AceOfPeaceAndLove's Profile Picture
Caliban Zenith Xerxes Zoroaster
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
What's kickin' my bopper?

Name's Caliban Zenith Xerxes Zoroaster, modern sorcerer and chaos mage in the making.

Until that day arrives, I guess for the moment?...

I'm just Caliban.

-Or if we're gonna be friendly, just call me what'cha want babies ;) -

Until recently, I didn't see any benefit to continuing my craft outside of channeling negative emotion.
I was proven wrong.

My form of artistic expression allows me to not only embrace my nature for glamour and possible seduction, it grants me the freedom to allow people a glimpse behind the curtain as to who I really am.

FAQs - for those curious parties out there -

'What kind of art style do I favor'
Poetry, prose and literature. Drawing has never held much sway with me I'm afraid, here you'll only find steamy reimaginations of my most wild daydreams and so forth.

'Am I a good witch or a bad witch'
Babydoll I'm whatever kinda witch I wanna be, labels are superficial in the face of truth and love :3

'Favorite activities to partake in other than creating art'

Working on contacting the ether, getting my spirit in touch with the unknown and what could be within 'the vast beyond'

Meditating :)

Dancing around with my headphones secured to my skull,

Experimenting with new forms of divination -I'm getting fairly decent at reading spirit dice and Oracle cards-

Naps. Maaaany many naps.
- technically its not so much 'naps' as it is 'my body begins to shut down and I need to sleep or I'm going to collapse and not get up until I recharge again' - but its close enough, I suspect! XP

Sigil work :D - I love sigil magick, so much fun and so much chaotic energy X) -

Mentoring or educating an acolyte into the world of the occult, strange, eccentric and mystical *eerie otherworldly tune plays in the foreground*

Cooking or spending time in the kitchen, food is my favored form of non-traditional artistic medium; flavors and spices are like the carefully selected colorful characters in a novel or the poetic prose popped into a poem - I know its bad for me but I LOVE home-made biscuits and honey, damn delicious with tea and the right strain of THC potent cannabis :) -

'Do I have any plans for the future'
In the process of trying to get myself a screenplay up and written, wanna be the creator and possible director of an indie webseries :D

'What's one thing I'd love to do before I die'
Attend Burning Man and survive my experience X)

'A lot of these questions seem posed to make you sound mystical or alluring on purpose, is that really who you are?'
I suppose so but then again, who can be certain of a somebody who claims they are indeed a nobody when a true nobody is a somebody that merely wants recognition for BEING a former nobody to begin with?
Short answer?
I'm not even sure anymore, darling X)

I think I'll leave off here.

Feel free to contact me if you've any questions
Commissions are welcome!!
Fire any ideas or inklings you might have MY way and we'll get to chatterin' like monkeys up in the canopy




The interesting moment when 'nerd glasses' turn me into a legit cutie X3

I seem to continually evolve as my self portrait collection persistently grows :)
love and peace!
*muah muah muah!*

peace, energy, light and love out to everybody on this glamorous afternoon :)
Sun Child :3
I feel cute again X3
Th' mane is getting exceptionally long and unkempt but that's just how I dig it :)

With a little more hard work and effort, The Lion will soon stand above the rest.

Journal History

  • Listening to: background noise
  • Watching: the shadows dancing on my bare walls
  • Playing: n/a
  • Drinking: peppermint tea
All you believed me to be a joke?

You thought I was a fuckin' pushover to be played around with?


Wrong wrong wrong.

You stupid, dense-ass motherfuckers don't know SHIT about a Lion's true nature.

We're only lazy when we want to be.

We can be strong.

We can be vicious.

We can be mean.

We can rip our enemies into pieces.

And that's just what I'm gonna do.

I'll fuckin' wreck every last goddamn one of you who never actually believed in me.

You think I'm joking?

You think I won't fight back with everything I have, until you're all begging me for mercy as I scream into the heavens with blood smearing my face and matting my hair to my skull?

I'll let everyone from the mortals on earth to the gods who dwell high within the reach of the cold outer limits of the galaxy know that I,






I am strong.

I am calm.

I am collected.

I am a professional.

And I will NOT tolerate being treated like common trash.

I hope I have made myself CRYSTAL SPARKLY SHINY CLEAR.


AceOfPeaceAndLove has started a donation pool!
30 / 50
I guess this is the 'good Samaritan' DA Fund?
I mean I'm not big on any form of currency, let alone something like the system of points we have here o.O

I'm just a rat lookin' fer a scrap of cheese like anyone else, mateys XD

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